Guidelines on Buying Golf Shoes

16 Oct

The type of golf shoes you wear can determine how well you would play. The shoes help maintain traction, which is important for a good swing. If you are in the market for such shoes, it is important not to choose anything on sale. It is also important not to buy anything a dealer claims is the best. This is because some dealers are only interested in making sales. Understand that what works for others might not work for you. This means that you should factor in your tastes and preferences before making a decision. Below are tips to help you make an informed decision.

Consider type before making a decision. The basic types of the same include spiked shoes, boots, spikeless shoes, and golf sandals. Since each type has its advantages and disadvantages, you should research each before making a decision. Spiked shoes offer breathability, style, traction, and water resistance. Spikeless shoes are flat-soled and are designed with style and comfort in mind. Golf boots are not very common, but they are the perfect choice for people who play in the winter because they offer good traction and warmth. Golf sandals offer breathability, making them the ideal choice for the summer.

In case you prefer spiked nike golf shoes, you should decide between plastic and metal spikes. Metal spikes are the oldest. They are usually longer and sharper, meaning that they offer a lot regarding traction. However, they tend to tear up greens, something that can mean inconveniences. Plastic spikes are the most popular option. Compared to metal ones, they are lighter and less likely to tear up greens when playing.

You should make a decision regarding materials before making a decision. The best Golf Shoes can be made of leather or synthetic materials. Leather remains the most popular material. The material guarantees a stretch-free, waterproof, and a perfectly fitting shoe. Since it is breathable, it remains the perfect material for summer golf. However, leather can be expensive. Synthetic materials are cheaper. Most of them do not have a lot to offer regarding breathability. Ensure that your choice shoes come with quality waterproof linings whatever material you choose.

Consider cost prior to making a decision. Some of the things that dictate cost include material, spikes, the material of spikes used, brand, quality, among others. It is important to compare as many brands of shoes as you can regarding pricing. Knowing what to expect concerning pricing would ensure that you do not overpay for your choice shoes. Learn more about golfs at

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